A New Direction for About-Eyes

I’ve been remiss these last few months and have left this blog to lie fallow. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. There is simply very little going on with regard to advanced IOLs in the USA. Even the larger power Alcon Toric IOL has been delayed by the FDA. This IOL is simply an extension of an already existing (and proven) technology. What could possibly take so long? Nothing much to write about there (unless I wish to lambast the FDAf or these delays – plenty of others doing that)
  2. My clinical practice has been at its busiest to date. I’m now in the office from 8a-7p every weekday and spend Saturday catching up on paperwork. Not much time to blog.
  3. Since nothing much has been going on in the “Advanced IOL” arena, I have taken an interest in new glaucoma treatments. Amazingly, this field (which was pretty sleepy for the last few decades) has suddenly taken off with a plethora of very promising new surgical treatments for this blinding condition.
  4. My daughter is now 4 years old. For those of you who are parents, you know just how great this age can be. So, I find myself playing with her more now and typing at the keyboard less.

What does this mean for About-Eyes.com? I wasn’t certain myself for awhile (even considered making this my last post). However, I do think there is so much exciting work being done in the world “about eyes” that I could get up a little earlier once a week to post an interesting tidbit about eye-related issues.

So, I’m changing the focus and direction of this blog. No longer will it focus strictly on advanced IOLs or cataract surgery. Instead, it will be a regularly updated source of the latest news and information relevant for those who have eye disease. I will still post on advanced IOLs when there is something happening in that field. It just won’t be the only focus of this blog.

I hope those of you who have followed this blog in the past will find this broader focus to be an improvement. Now, gotta go set that alarm for a few minutes earlier…

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