Crystalens® Rebate ExtendedBausch + Lomb has just announced that they are going to extend their “See Better and Save” patient rebate program.  This program provides up to $250 to patients who choose to have the Crystalens® accommodating IOL placed in their eyes.  The current rebate program ends March 31, 2011.

I find this interesting coming from a company that infuriated many doctors and their patients when they introduced the Crystalens® HD at a $200 premium over the previously available “5-0.”  Adding insult to injury, the HD often did not meet surgeons’ or patients’ expectations so it was difficult to justify the extra fee.

In the auto industry cars that are selling well generally don’t have rebate programs.  Such programs are created to move stagnant inventory of less popular models.  Just wondering…

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Cataract Surgery Lens Choices

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