Typical of life’s ironies is that within a day or so of my last post (stating nothing much was going on with advanced IOLs in the US) the FDA would finally approve the higher power toric IOLs from Alcon. What this means is that US patients with higher astigmatism can now have that corrected with an IOL at the same time as cataract surgery.

These newer IOL models will correct astigmatism ranging from 2.5-4D (prior models corrected up to two diopters). The SN6AT6-SN6AT9 Toric lens models will be available to order on June 3rd so patients who were waiting for these IOLs won’t have too much longer to wait.

Now, time to take another long nap as we wait for the FDA to approve the next advanced IOL in the pipeline: the AMO Synchrony. Yawn…

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Cataract Surgery Lens Choices

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