How Do The Marketing Promises Compare Reality?

Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

How Do The Marketing Promises Compare Reality? In particular, we’re going to be discussing whether or not the literature supports the marketing. We’re going to discuss whether or not assumed promises are actually born out.

Dry Eye Worse after Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery has been touted by many as a “gentler” method of cataract surgery. In fact, there is little objective evidence to suggest that laser-assisted cataract surgery is any gentler than ultrasound-only cataract surgery… 

Enhanced Range of Vision with the Staar nanoFLEX® Intraocular Lens

The range of vision possible with cataract surgery using the Staar nanoFLEX® IOL is impressive, but not complete. It is often still necessary to wear readers to clearly see objects closer than arm’s length.

The Staar nanoFLEX® Intraocular Lens

The Staar nanoFLEX® Intraocular Lens – my preferred IOL, is made from Collamer® which is “a pure collagen containing material that is “bio-compatible” with your body’s natural chemistry

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A Brief Introduction to Intraocular Lenses

During cataract surgery the natural lens of the eye is replaced with a clear synthetic lens. These “intraocular lenses” (or “IOLs”) come in a dizzying array of powers, shapes, and materials.

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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery and Risk of Macular Swelling

All forms of energy can result in trauma to tissue which then releases pro-inflammatory chemicals such as prostaglandins. Thus, there’s no logical reason to believe that laser-assisted cataract surgery would produce less inflammation than would ultrasound-only cataract surgery.

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What Is the AMO TECNIS® Symfony IOL?

In late June 2014 Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) announced that it had received the CE mark for its “TECNIS® Symfony Extended Range of Vision intraocular lens (IOL)“. So, Europeans get yet another advanced IOL that Americans will likely not have access to for years (if ever) due to our over-protective and administratively bloated medical technology approval process.

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Is Sutureless Cataract Surgery All Wet?

Fully one-third (33%) of sutureless corneal wounds leak after cataract surgery with only one ounce of pressure on the eye! In my mind this is an unacceptably high rate of wound leakage

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