“Bio-compatible” Intraocular Lens

Of all the intraocular lens (IOL) options available in the USA, my preferred IOL is the Staar nanoFLEX®. This IOL is made from Collamer® which is “a pure collagen containing material that is “bio-compatible” with your body’s natural chemistry and contains 40% water — so it’s very similar to your eye’s natural crystalline lens. It also has important anti-reflective properties.”[1]

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nanoFLEX™ Collamer is highly biocompatible containing collagen that attracts fibronectin, which forms a protective layer on the surface of the lens

Indeed, I have found this material to be one of the most natural appearing IOLs available. Unlike acrylic IOLs there is no “glint” or reflection noted after cataract surgery. This may not seem like a big deal but some of the acrylic IOLs reflect light so severely that the eye may seem to periodically “flash”. Years ago, when I was primarily implanting acrylic IOLs it would not be uncommon to have someone with outstanding vision after surgery who was nevertheless distraught by this appearance. The following comments motivated me to find another intraocular lens material to use as my primary IOL:

  • “You’ve given me robot eyes!”
  • “You took the soul out of my eyes!”
  • “My wife’s eyes no longer look ‘soft’. That reflection makes them look ‘harsh’. Can you take it out?”
  • “My friends are constantly telling me there’s something flashing in my eye.”

I have not once heard any such comment from my patients in whom I’ve implanted the Staar nanoFLEX® IOL. Indeed, their eyes look so natural that I can’t tell they’ve had surgery until I examine their eyes under the microscope.

But, the best thing about the Staar nanoFLEX® IOL is the outstanding range of vision most of my patients enjoy after cataract surgery.


[1] Staar.com. Collamer IOLs | STAAR Surgical Company [Internet]. 2016 [cited 2016 Jan 27]. Available from: http://staar.com/products/collamer-iols/

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